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In 2004, the Colorado General Assembly passed House Bill 04-1451 based on the belief that “development of a uniform system of collaborative management is necessary for agencies at the state and county levels to effectively and efficiently collaborate, share resources or manage and integrate the treatment and services provided to children and families who would benefit from multiagency services.” This led to the creation of the Collaborative Management Program (CMP) in Colorado, which set forth the following goals:

  • Develop a more uniform system of collaborative management that includes the input, expertise, and active participation of parent or family advocacy organizations.

  • Reduce duplication and eliminate fragmentation of services provided to children or families who would benefit from integrated multi-agency services.

  • Increase the quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of services delivered to children or families who would benefit from integrated multi-agency services.

  • Encourage cost-sharing among service providers.

  • Lead to better outcomes and cost-reduction 


The Collaborative Management Program in Colorado is managed by the Colorado Department of Human Services.  


In 2006, the collaboration was formed in Jefferson County to address the need for a collaborative approach within the county.  Their mission was to establish a collaborative leadership that promotes accountable, efficient, cost-effective, and coordinated systems, in an effort to increase the health and well-being of children, youth, and families in Jefferson County.  JC strives to support programming that focuses on the whole person, recognizes success and not only compliance, and provides integrated, family-centered services for all age groups.   Today, JC is a collaborative effort made up of 25 family-serving entities and includes multiple jurisdictions within Jefferson County.   These entities deliver a diverse range of services, collaborate to improve policies and procedures and provide support to children and youth from birth through adulthood.  Voting members of JC must be a policy maker within the designated agency, who can make immediate decisions about budget, policy, and procedures.  This ensures swift decisions when JC is weighing matters that require quick results.


Please contact Lindsey Jones, Collaborative Management Program Manager, at 303-271-4372 if you are interested in learning more about Collaborative Management in Jefferson County.  



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