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The Juvenile Justice Subcommittee meets to discuss issues, programs and ideas geared towards the needs of children ages 10-18 in the Juvenile Justice system.   There is a focus on prevention as well as services to reduce time spent within the system and reduced recidivism rates. 

The Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center (JCJAC) provides assessments to the Jefferson County Community at no charge to families. The assessment process gives juveniles and families the opportunity to provide a comprehensive description of their unique family structure.The purpose of the assessment is to identify the presenting issue's origin and provide service referrals to address the concern. .If you have a question regarding your child's mental health, safety, behavior, court case, school attendance, or drug use, the JCJAC can help.They have a comprehensive network of agencies and service providers who offer a vast range of approaches and options to address issues like these. Scheduling an assessment is best but if transportation is in issue, please do not hesitate to call 720-497-7770

The ROAD is an award-winning drop-in resource center that offers a safe, drug-free place where young adults can socialize and have fun, and offers activities and a wide array of services that help young adults achieve success and independence. All programs and services are at no cost to youth.

Although The ROAD is professionally supervised, young adults who come to The ROAD are expected to be responsible for their own conduct and safety.


Youth may attend if they:

  • Are between the ages of 15 – 22.

  • Live in the tri-county area (Jefferson, Gilpin or Clear Creek County).

  • Are ready to take charge of their future by meeting challenges and taking steps toward achieving their goals.


The mission of The ROAD is to assist young adults as they transition into adulthood by fostering empowerment, leadership and responsibility. Services include counseling and case management for young adults and their families.Young adults do not need a referral to come to The ROAD, however community referrals can be made by calling (303) 982-6755 or

The goal of the Youngers Program is to keep young juveniles out of the justice system, reduce the use of detention time and out of home placements, address struggles in school, and reduce recidivism for young individuals in Jefferson County. We believe the family is a critical part of the team. We strive to adequately honor family experience and culture, empower all family members, utilize family strengths, and instill hope for a safe and successful future. We would like you to know that we are committed to your success. That means that we will reinforce your strengths and positive changes, support you during difficult times and respond to behaviors that interfere with your progress.  The Youngers Program Handbook  (        ) is made available to all young juveniles and their families that officially enter the program.  

Juvenile Justice

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