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Mile-High United 211 Referral Line  is a free and confidential community referral service that connects callers with resources which provide food, shelter, rent assistance, clothing, child care options and other types of community assistance. Trained referral specialists are multi-lingual and available to help individuals with real-time resources in the community. 


The Action Center’s mission is to provide an immediate response to basic human needs and promote pathways to self-sufficiency for Jefferson County residents and the homeless.  The Action Center provides housing, shelter, clothing, household goods, landlord assistance, tenant, utility, case management, seasonal and food assistance to individuals and their families in Jefferson County or those who are homeless.


Jefferson Center for Mental Health is the not-for- profit community mental health center serving Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties since 1958. Their mission is to promote mental health and provide quality mental health services for persons with emotional problems and/or serious mental illness.  In addition to therapy, Jefferson Center for Mental Health has a robust Wellness program, community training's, parent support, navigation services and an online library (


Family Tree provides innovative, life-changing services designed to end child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.


Jefferson County Human Services provides early childhood education, adult and child protection, job training, food assistance, Medicaid, mediation and other programs.


Developmental Disabilities Resource Center provides case management and direct services for children and adults with developmental disabilities in Jefferson, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Summit counties in Colorado.

P2P, Peak and PEP are three great support organizations that strive to support families raising children with disabilities.  The organizations are often confused and this great information sheet clarifies what each group supports and how to contact.

Disability specific resources  can be a challenge to find.  P2P has compiled a comprehensive guide with contact information based on diagnosis.



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