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Human Trafficking

Together, we expose, educate, and eradicate human trafficking through coordination and collaboration of all our community resources to ensure a safer community: one victim, one case, one intervention at a time


Could you spot a victim of trafficking in a crowd? Probably not — victims may not look any different than anyone else you see every day.

Through the HHS Look Beneath the Surface campaign, the Office of Trafficking in Persons work with grantees and stakeholders to raise awareness of human trafficking and the factors that make certain populations more at risk.

The campaign also empowers the public to help identify victims and connect those victims with services by calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888.

Do you or your organization want to get involved? Download materials to spread the word and forge pathways to freedom for survivors and those at risk of human trafficking in your community.


Download Materials Here

PorchLight, A Family Justice Center opened in early 2021 to serve Jefferson and Gilpin counties. More than 70 partner agencies work together under one roof to provide coordinated services for victims of violence. Violence can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, harassment, threats, strangulation, murder, elder, and at-risk adult abuse, human trafficking, property damage, and child abuse.


PorchLight Family Justice Center (FJC) provides comprehensive legal, emotional and critical support services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, at-risk adult abuse, elder abuse, and human trafficking. PorchLight is centrally located in Jefferson County at 11100 W. 8th Avenue in Lakewood, CO.  PorchLight is a safe, caring environment that provides collaborative services and support. Criminal justice services, medical services, mental health services, legal services, and basic needs services, are located on-site at the FJC to make it easier for victims and survivors to get help. PorchLight offers our community a kind-hearted, victim-centered home where victims, survivors and their children come first as they work through the healing process.


Visit PorchLight's website and social media outlets to stay up to date with fundraisers, calls to action, and other announcements.

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