The Jefferson County Community Resource Navigation Network

The Jefferson County Community Resource Navigation Network is a dedicated group of professionals in Jefferson County who are the boots on the ground helping families and individuals navigate systems to best meet their needs.  They provide a warm hand and knowledge of community systems to aid those stuck or not knowing who to contact for resources.  The group meets every other month (January, March, May, July, September, November) to educate themselves about services available in the community and discuss ways to collectively break barriers typically encountered by those seeking resources.  If you would like more information about joining the group or how to connect to different systems in the county, please contact Amy Sciangula at 720-244-4848.

The Jefferson County Family Support Partner

A Family Support Partner is a parent or caregiver who has faced and overcome many barriers.  Because of their unique perspective and personal experiences, they are in a position to assist other families facing similar challenges in navigating multiple systems and locating community resources.  The goal of the Family Support Partner is to empower each family with the skills and knowledge to advocate for their own supports and connections within the community, and identify the best ways to ensure their voice is heard by all of the professionals they work with.  

A Family Support Partner empowers families by providing:

  • Impartial support during meetings (e.g. FEM, TDM, schools, courts)

  • Advocacy

  • Assistance in identifying community and natural supports

  • Coaching opportunities to guide parents/caregivers in how to best advocate for their family

  • Support planning to prepare for future crisis and needs

  • Emotional Support

The Family Support Partner program is a FREE service available to all Jefferson County residents who would benefit from additional support.  Self or community referrals can be made by calling Toni Miner at 720-497-7896 or emailing her at  

Jefferson Center for Mental Health On-line Resource Library

Jefferson Center for Mental Health offers free navigation assistance by calling 303-432-5130.  They can assist with:

  • Assessing, applying and problem solving for all public benefits.

  • Providing information about all Jefferson Center programs and services.

  • Providing information and referrals to resources in the community.

  • Offering brief clinical services and short term problem resolution.


The on-line resource data bank is available to anyone looking for specific resources in the community.  The resource data bank is available 24/7 from any mobile device.